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Shopping Carts -- Online Stores -- Catalogs

Cutting Edge Shopping Cart content management makes entering your data, tracking your sales and customers easy!

Below find a list of features for our basic cart setup and our deluxe cart setup. Our servers are optimized to use this shopping cart. Other systems may or may not be compatible.

If you have questions about the features for either our basic or deluxe shopping cart setups, please call (740) 422-9257.

Basic Shopping Cart Features

Supports Physical and Virtual (Downloadable) Merchandise
Unlimited number of product categories, product types and products
Attributes/Product Options: text box, text area, pulldown menu, click box, radio button
Images for product attributes/options
SKU and attribute level pricing
Searchable product management system
Featured, New, Free, Call for Price, or Bestselling Products
Several Choices of Product Picture Sizes
Taxable and Non-Taxable Products
Control Listing Order
Products can be in multiple categories by linking or duplication
Product Types Customized Layouts
Product Searchability
Product Specials, On-sale, Out-of-stock, New, Volume Discount
Products Pricing options - Single and Multiple items can be put on sale. Sale options include Percentage off, Fixed Amount off, New Price. Sales can can include or exclude product attributes. You can add or exclude a discount from a Special. You can put a whole category on sale.
Product Type feature allows for customization of information fields and display format
Catalog Status Shopping
Unrestricted Shopping
Customer Must Register to View Prices
Customer Must Register to View Prices and Merchandise
Showroom Only
Down for Maintenance (Used for Backups)
Global E-Commerce
Multiple Language Support
Multiple Tax Support
Multiple Shipping Methods
Multiple Currency Support
Multiple Payment Methods
Managing Your Store
View Orders Online Securely
Manage Order Fulfillment
Secure Credit Card Payment Methods
Manage Past Orders
Print Invoices, Packing Slips
Email notifications
Adjust orders
WYSWYG easy product entry, easy image upload
Content Managed Pages
Shopping Cart
Easy Integration into Existing Web Site
Customizations Available
Product Searches
Secure Online Ordering and Checkout
Multiple Payment and Shipping Methods
Printable Order Forms for mail-in
Calculation of shipping and taxes on checkout
Automatic Product Quantity Updates
Automatic Out-of-Stock Signage on website
Customer Account Manager - to change passwords, address, shipping, billing info, view past orders, create accounts during checkout
Featured, bestselling, new items File Manager
Coupon Manager
Banner Manager

Deluxe Cart Additional Features

Products (Additional Features)
Cross-sell or Up-sell Product Listings
Advanced selection of Product Image Enlargement Techniques
Product Reviews on the Product Page
Bookstore Extra Features
Minimum Order Necessary to Checkout
Managing Your Store
Profit/Margin Calculator and Report
Quickbooks Export
Sales Report
SMS on Sale (Contact your cell phone when you make an order)
User Tracking
USPS, Click and Ship Auto Fill
Store Credit Manager

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