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Finding Free Images on the Web

by Carol Swinehart

Finding Free Images on the Web

The web is a visual media. When blogging or posting to any of the social media, it is very important to use images to enhance your posts. Unfortunately some images found in posts are copyrighted images. Below find information about US copyright laws so you are aware.

“Digital or electronic content, such as e-books, photographs on Web sites and electronic databases are subject to the same protections under the Copyright Act as non-digital, traditional or analog works. In addition, there are specific provisions relating to digital content in the 1998 amendment to the Copyright Act by the Digital Millennium Copyright Act (DMCA). ” Copyright information is available here.

Blueberries on Morgue File Blueberries from MorgueFile

Finding free images on the web can be a daunting task. When using the sites listed below make sure to comply with their requirements. Some require an attribution, some limit the amount of downloads in a month, most require free registration, some are only for personal use. Make sure you use with care.