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Image Optimization - Some Tips

by Carol Swinehart

Image Optimization - Some Tips

Speed does matter on the web. Images account for most of the download bytes on 99% plus of all websites. Thus, optimizing your images can make a significant difference in the load speed of your website.

Many website owners who update their own websites using a Content Management System (CMS) do not understand the significance of optimizing their images before using them on the web.

If you fall into this category you will be interested in our testing results. CKFS has gone out on the web to find Free Image Optimization programs and compared the optimized results.

The following programs were looked at Free Image Optimizer, Dynamic Drive Optimizer, Kraken, Jpeg-Optimizer, Irfanviewer, Jpegreducer and the paid for program, Photoshop Elements.

Please note: all images on this page have the same dimensions.

In our analysis Irfanviewer produced the best quality picture with the best optimization. See example below.

Before-after Irfanview Optimization

Notice the picture above is only 7.27kb.

The next picture is from jpeg optimizer 11.1kb

11.1kb jpg optimizer

Another online tool that does a good job with the optimization and gives you several different sizes to download at the same time is ( Optimized pictures generated by this program are bigger, but the advantage is the program auto-generates several of the same image in different sizes.

Photoshop Elements (pay-for-program) optimization of 7.76 Photoelements version 5.76px