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Branding your Business Choose Your Colors Carefully

by Carol Swinehart

Branding your Business Choose Your Colors Carefully

Colors are sexiest, men and women do not like the same colors except for blue and green. Women prefer blue, purple and green and dislike orange, brown and gray while men prefer blue, green and black and dislike brown, orange and purple.

Colors send a psychological message to your audience. Choose your colors wisely to convey the proper message for your market.

Below are descriptions of the most popular colors with their connotations.

Blue is calming. It represents depth, stability, intelligence, and precision.

Green is calming and safe. It represents growth, money, freshness, safety.

Purple prompts a sense of mystery or luxury. It represents power, nobility, luxury.

Black symbolizes depth and perspective. It represents power, elegance, authority.

Picking the right color defines your style. Make sure to think about what you want to communicate.