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Mobile Armageddon coming April 21, 2015

by Carol Swinehart

Mobile Armageddon coming April 21, 2015

There are many directives by Google that are suppose to effect your rankings. Even if you comply with them often they do not seem to have any effect on your rankings or a negative effect. The Mobile Friendly directive is different. It not only encourages websites to become mobile compatible/mobile friendly/responsive, but will reward them with higher rankings. If your website is mobile friendly by April 21, 2015 you will get a boost in your rankings.

Many companies and organizations that I have talked with lately don’t even know that “Mobile Armageddon” is comingn.

The ones that do know say their IT people told them the website is mobile friendly, but it is not.

Does your website pass the test?

Here are a few things you need to check on to be sure your site is working correctly

  1. To be sure check with the Google mobile friendly tool at

  2. Check your speed at the Google Speed Test. Their speed test can in some cases be 20% slower than on other speed checker sites. Remember that Google’s speed test is the one that counts. They are basing their rankings only on their stats.

If your speed is slow, in the red range, you will need to optimize your images and cache your css and javascript files.

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