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Writing Web Copy that Works for your Website

by Carol Swinehart

Writing Web Copy that Works for your Website

Have you ever had an occasion when you said something to a friend that it was taken the wrong way. You can cause the same problems on the web with poorly written web copy.

Good copy should exhibit the following:

1. Give your visitors a solution to their problem(s). Establish your company as a problem solver.

Since website visitors are primarily interested in finding a solution to their problem, your company must have customer-centric pages that tell potential customers what you can do for them. An example would be: “We take the stress out of your new website development”. One of our customers told us that statement finalized her decision to hire us. Her former web designer caused such a stressful situation, she wanted one that would create a stress free one. We solved her problem.

One of the most effective ways of telling visitors how you solve their problems is letting your customers do it for you. Customer reviews and testimonials used in copy are an excellent way to establish your company as a problem solver.

Here is an Example. Aunt Deanna’s Basket of Goodies came to us with a problem. Their former web designer had developed a site that did not showcase their products. It showcased the web designer’s “design”. They need a site to showcase the baskets and centerpieces Aunt Deanna’s was designing. Here is what Dianna Gibbens owner of Aunt Deanna’s Baskets has to say about the new site we did for her:

“I had CKFS Web Design redo my web-site. Carol involved me in designing the website and is very easy to work with. Her prices are very reasonable for all she does. My business is a very visual business and Carol brought that to my website, with the colors and setup. If you are looking for a website or an updated website, give CKFS Web Design a call. Dianna Gibbens Aunt Deanna’s Baskets” There is no way you can capture this kind of enthusiasm without some interaction with an existing happy customer(s). Stating on our website “We solved their problem”, just comes across as arrogant.

2. Speak the language of the visitor

High-converting Web copy speaks the language of the customer, not the company. Avoid using jargon and acronyms that your company or industry uses to talk about core issues without having to explain them. Your visitors will not understand them. They will believe that they will not be able to communicate with you and go elsewhere.

3. Balance Description of Features with Emotional Motivation

Listing and explaining features is important on your website, but you must also include an emotional motivation to further encourage a purchase. Translate each feature into a benefit for your visitor. It is most important to talk about the benefits, because again as in step #1 to “writing copy that works”, you are being customer-centeric and solving a problem. Perhaps a problem they don’t even realize they need solved.

4. Call-to-Action — one on each page

Those websites with the best conversions have figured out how to minimize the risk of procrastination by writing compelling “Calls to Action”.