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Dell Venue 8 3840 – The Missing Mini Manual – How to Overcome Issues

by Carol Swinehart

While looking for a tablet to use as a hobby device, I ran across the Dell Venue 8 3840 on sale over President’s Week. The price was right. All the capabilities I needed for this particular use were listed. So I ordered one.

You find mixed reviews when researching this tablet.

It has at least 95% of the features of a more expensive tablet. It is not GPS enabled. It would be better with 2Gb of memory, but you can get by with 1Gb if you follow the directions below.

Problem – Tablet can lock up

Solution A: Apparently because it only has 1G memory, you must manually close the open programs often so you don’t run out of memory especially if you are using Chrome. All dumping the cache in some of the programs you are not using is a good idea. Many have said that Google locks up often. Well Google is not working that well on my laptop either or desktop so I am not sure how much of the problem is the tablet and how much is the fault of Chrome. If I make sure the other programs are closed and the cache doesn’t get out of hand.

Solution B: Install Dolphin which uses less memory. I have to say it does work better, but I like the voice search feature on Google. I have noted a few sites work much better on Dolphin, because they are memory hogs. On those sites I use Dolphin, on the others Google.

Problem – Additional SD Card 64GB is Hard to reach Find/Setup

Solution: Install ES File Explorer This problem will allow you to setup the additional storage SD Card 64Gb. According to Dell Support you can no save files directly from most apps to this additional storage. I have found that by installing WPS Office (Kingspot Office) you can configure that program to use the additional storage. Programs that were pre-installed on the tablet will not allow this.

ES File Explorer

Directions to Transfer Files from Internal Storage to the Additional Storage SD Card

  • Open ES File Explorer
  • Find folder which contains the file you wish to move and open it
  • Click on the file you wish to move the menu will change at the bottom of the page
  • Click cut
  • Click the blue circled x at the upper right you will see both SD cards listed
  • Click on sdcard1 (or whatever your additional storage card is called)
  • Find a folder or add a folder by clicking + at the bottom of the page
  • Click on paste (will be at the lower left side of the screen.) File move is complete

Problem: Finding an Office program that allows documents to be saved to Additional Storage SD Card

Solution: Download and install WPS Office (Kingsoft Office) App This program will allow you to save files to the Additional Storage SD Card

Screenshot: To take a screenshot click on Power switch and Minimize Sound Button simultaneously. When you do that correctly you will hear a click and the screenshot will be available in the picture folder in the subfolder screenshots. Dell support claims this does not work, but it definitely does.