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Is Google Revamping Webmaster Tools or just late with their reports?

by Carol Swinehart

Google Webmaster Tools is the main way for Google to interact with webmasters or site owners. It is described on the Google search engine as [a place to] “Get data, tools and diagnostics for a healthy, Google-friendly site”. With any good diagnostic device on the web when it works its great, but in the last week Google Webmaster Tools has not updated its report. In my account, there were also no new notifications or crawl errors. If you have noticed this for your own site, don’t fear everyone is having similar problems.

Google Webmaster Tool Report

Just a thought, perhaps the notices sent out lately about making your sites mobile friendly have something to do with this situation. Or perhaps Google is revamping its system to get up to speed with real time indexing of Twitter posts. Or maybe their reports are just late. Not much we can do but just wait to see what happens.

I did notice recently that even though one of my newly redesigned sites had a new sitemap.xml, new robots.txt file and no broken links, Google still managed to pick up old pages that we no longer active. Anyone else have a similar problem similar? It caused huge problems with both incorrect notifications and traffic to the correct pages.