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Responsive Web Design is Essential in 2015

by Carol Swinehart

Responsive Web Design is Essential in 2015

Handheld smart devices and laptops have surpassed the use of desktop PC’s in 2015. With about 98% of all internet users owning at least one handheld device, all businesses should ensure that their websites are compatible with these devices. Google supports responsive design for better search results and has strongly suggested that all websites adopt this standard. With the new technologies being refined to better serve up pages to these handheld devices the time is now to retrofit or develop a webiste that is responsive. A responsive website fits all devices, has buttons and navigation built specifically for handhelds that allows for easy click through. Sliders and other features are also compatible making responsive design the new standard.

No need to be afraid that new coding will become outdated every time a new device comes out on the market. Responsive design developed correctly will respond automatically to the new specs.

Pictured: Greg Eyerman, Director of the Fairfield County Visitors and Convension Bureau with Carol Swinehart, owner of CKFS Web Page Design, LLC holding a RUBY Award (Recognizing Uncommin Excellence - Ohio Travel Association) presented for Mobile Website design and functionality.

When Retrofitting a website for the newest technologies the original design can in most sites be preserved. You do have to consider the amount of bandwidth that your site is using. You do not want to lose customers because your site takes too long to load on a handheld device or takes so much bandwidth that it drives up customers’ internet access bills. On the other hand you want the site to have all or most of the material shown on the larger screen devices. Responsive Website - Fairfield County Visitors and Convention Bureau

Let CKFS Web Page Design, LLC help you through the decision process and provide and produce an award winning website with CMS (Content Management and Responsive Design). We have won 3 website awards for our websites in the Fall of 2014. A picture of the Fairfield County Visitors and Convention Bureau website is shown below. The FCVCB and Carol Swinehart, web designer and developer won a RUBY Award for Mobile Websites and a Middy Award.